Are you paying costly tax payments to the IRS or state government? Are your wages being garnished? Have you received notice of a tax audit and don’t know what to do? Don’t lose faith! We provide some of the best tax settlement services in the industry, and we want to help you stop wage garnishment, paying overly costly tax payments, and/or deal with the IRS (no matter the issue)…


installment agreement
We help taxpayers initiate an installment program with the IRS to settle tax debt. This allows the taxpayers an extended period in which to pay the debt, in installments.
MTS is here to help
When filing your tax returns late or not at all, penalty abatement and/or penalty adjustment are handy tools for avoiding penalties.
fresh start tax settlement
There is a huge number of taxpayers who owe a large sum of money to the IRS in the form of taxes. The amount they owe becomes continuously more with the addition of interest and tax penalties.
tax audit
The Internal Revenue Service has introduced an installment agreement method to pay off the tax debt…
offer in compromise
An Offer in Compromise (OIC) is acknowledgement of both the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the owing taxpayer that the amount owed cannot be feasibly paid.
tax settlement
The process of tax filing is one of the most important duties of each citizen.
How To Stop IRS From Garnishing Wages
When a person stops paying their taxes, the IRS would contact their employers for the payments that they are owed.
payroll tax debt relief
Payroll tax debt is quite common for business owners. It is the total amount of tax deducted from each salary of their employees and remitted to the IRS.
tax levy
If the IRS is unable to collect taxes from individuals they use tax liens or tax levy methods. We can help you deal with both so that you don’t risk losing property or other assets.


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    How can we help?

    My Tax Settlement is based in San Diego, California, providing tax settlement services to the entire state. Unlike other tax resolution service providers, we do not require you to have a minimum of 10k in tax debt before we can help. As soon as you owe 5k in tax debt, we can start helping you work with the IRS better so that you can prevent bigger issues down the road.

    Our goal is to provide the best tax settlement services in the market. This means that we aren’t out to get a cheap buck. If you’re better off without us, we’ll tell you. That’s what it means to provide excellent service, and we’ll stand by that.

    My Tax Settlement services are limited to what is presented on this page. We may make content that gives advice on different aspects of tax debt and finances, but that is through the perspective of helping our clients make better choices for their own ongoings with tax debt.