Are you paying costly tax payments to the IRS or state government? Are your wages being garnished? Have you received notice of an audit and don’t know what to do? Don’t lose faith! We provide some of the best tax resolution services in the industry, and we want to help you stop wage garnishment, paying overly costly tax payments, and/or deal with the IRS (no matter the issue).

My Tax Settlement helped me when I needed it most. When I could have made the wrong moves, they helped me see what I needed to see. Thanks, My Tax Settlement!“

Tax Audit Defense
Tax audit defense, also called audit representation, is a service in which a tax or legal professional stands in for a taxpayer during an IRS or state income tax audit.

Penalty Abatement
Whenever you owe the IRS, it’s easy to accrue penalties in virtue of not paying. And, if you continue to ignore it, penalties can bury you in even more debt with the IRS. We help you stop that cycle.

Tax Resolution
Let us help you secure a tax payment installment agreement with the IRS, allowing us to use our expertise to make an agreement that really puts you – whether individual or business – on a better trajectory.