Why choose My Tax Settlement?

The very first question that might be popping in your mind is why only My tax settlement? Well! The reason is we don’t bother and raise concerns about the reasons for your falling into taxes. Instead of boosting your stress level, we will help you in facing and getting out of this situation. 

Furthermore, we don’t demand outrageous fees just like other taxation settlement agencies. Because we understand that there was no need to contact us if you were having a large disposable income. Our topmost priority is to help taxpayers in getting out of heavy debts. To complete our mission, we usually work on the spirit and need of giving a second chance to everyone.

After conducting a free, quick, and complete assessment, we determine whether you are an eligible candidate for getting a tax settlement or not. If you will be eligible for the workable installment agreement, our motive will be to put all the efforts to help you in this situation irrespective of your financial status.

Here are some steps that we usually follow in the My tax settlement

Step 1- Free Consultancy

Firstly, we will involve you in a free consultation meeting in which your problem will be thoroughly assessed to provide you with all the possible options available for tac settlement. 

Step 2 – Documents Preparation

After deciding all the possible agendas and choosing a solution of your choice, we will design a resolution pathway. For this purpose, there is a need to gather, prepare, and submit a file of your documents. 

Step 3 – File Submission

Once all your paperwork is done, we will submit it with your documents, and compile a submission packet to the IRS.

Step 4 – Final Resolving

In the end, we will contact the IRS directly to resolve and settle your tax and debt issues so that you can get the possible relief from paying its huge amount.