What is IRS Tax Audit Representation?

Filing your tax returns is one of your most important duties as a responsible citizen. And, in the age of TurboTax and Tax Act, many have lost touch with how much effort and detail can be put into a tax filing – which is all the more true as you earn more. To truly document your earnings in a comprehensive way, in the way that the IRS tax audit experts you to, you inevitably have to present a complex picture. And, when doing that, there are ample opportunities to get something wrong – and miscalculations in one place can lead to miscalculations elsewhere. So, in short, a tax audit may seem bigger than it actually is.

To put it another way: though the IRS may make you feel as if you’ve committed a crime, you have not, and arming yourself with representation to defend yourself may help alleviate a lot of the anxiety involved in a tax audit.

IRS Tax Audit

What is IRS Tax Return Audit?

The Internal Revenue Service  (IRS) has the authority to verify the information provided by the taxpayer in a tax audit. In a tax audit, the taxpayer will be asked to show complete records and prove that all of the provided information is accurate. In some situations, the questioning line of the IRS tax audit may become too difficult for you to answer. To avoid such an incident, it is always recommended to have a legal team represent you when you are called for a tax audit.

Which Taxpayers are Audited?

IRS Tax Return Audit depends upon many factors. Most of the time your case is selected simply because you fail to report all of your income resources or you took a little bit of advantage of the tax deductibles. It depicts that you have to go through income tax return audit as well. Moreover, when it comes to the tax audit, even the slightest discrepancy may put you under the IRS microscope.

Generally, mega-business owners and charity organizers are the most common victims of IRS tax audits. Out of all the taxpayers, approximately two percent of the taxpayers have to go through the process. The best way to avoid the risk of being audited is to file with the help of a CPA. And if you are still picked to be audited, be sure to contact the legal team as soon as possible.

Types of IRS Tax Audit

Three types of Tax audits may be forced upon you for the IRS Tax Audit. their details are:

1 – Tax Audit through Correspondence

It is one of the simplest forms of tax audit of the three. In this case, you will be sent a list of items that may be found questionable. The auditor will ask you to review those items and share proof with the IRS regarding those items.

To respond to these discrepancies, you would need to attach the receipts with the form and mail them back to the IRS tax audit representative. Be sure that you only send the photocopies, as originals must be kept as they may be required later. 

2 – A Meeting at the IRS Tax Audit Office

In this case, the situation is a bit serious. You will be contacted by the IRS representative and asked to make an appointment. You will be compelled to meet with the representative in the IRS office regarding the discrepancy mentioned by mail.

The taxpayer must respond to the call by visiting the IRS office with all the relevant documents and receipts required to resolve the issue. It is recommended to take a member of your legal tax team to help with the visit. It would help you in answering all the questions in the most satisfactory manner. By the end of your visit, if you have managed to satisfy the IRS representative, your case will be closed. Otherwise, you may need to appeal to higher authorities to look into your case. 

3 – A visit of IRS Tax Audit Representative to your Place of Business

The auditor will contact the taxpayer and make an appointment and visit them at their workplace or home. There, the taxpayer will be asked regarding the irregularities in the filed tax returns.

One of the best solutions in a case is to schedule the meeting at the Enrolled Agent’s office. This way, you will have the help of your legal tax team to help fight any allegations that may come your way by the auditor.

Our Key Tax Services – IRS Tax Audit Representation

Being under the IRS’s micropore for the audit does not mean that you have done something wrong. But to make sure that this is the case, you must have a strong legal team at your back. That’s where we come in. Our Audit representation team is a group of highly trained professionals that know how to get you out of the most critical situations.

Our team is experienced with all the types of questions the tax auditors will ask you, and we can help you prepare in meaningful and honest ways.  We will help you keep clean records so that they may be presented to the auditor in the hour of need, saving you from any legal troubles. Our team will handle all of your audit-related correspondence and meetings on your behalf so that you may keep all of your focus on your business activities.

Income Income tax Audit Date extend

However, you should know that Income tax audit has been extended to October 31 from September 30. For corporate taxpayers and individual taxpayers liable to tax audit, the due to date of filing return for AY 2021-22 has been extended to November 30 from October 31.

What makes us the best IRS Tax Audit Company?

We have managed to help various taxpayers with their audit problems. Here are some of the services and tasks we provide to help represent you in the eyes of the IRS.

  • The IRS may force you to pay more money than you owe. Our team will ensure that you only have to pay what you owe, making sure that you save your hard-earned money.
  • Help you initiate installment agreements. Our team will identify the part of your tax returns that is under audit. It will help us create the best strategy to deal with it
  • Our team is fully versed in your taxpayer rights. We will use all of our resources to make sure that none of your rights have been violated. We will help present your appeals to the IRS to help you get the best settlement possible.

Why Choose My Tax Settlement for IRS Tax Audit? 

We employ a team of highly trained professionals that have managed to save various clients from legal troubles related to the IRS Tax Audit. Our IRS tax audit experts are dedicated to presenting the same services to you, too. So, when you get that letter of audit from the IRS, do not panic, do not ignore that, and contact us to safely tackle the problem and safely put it behind you.

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