3 Proven Ways to Stop California State Tax Levy on Bank Account

California State Tax Levy

Like other states, levies are issued for the bank accounts after the submission of final notice to taxpayers in California as well. Keep reading to learn about how to stop California State Tax levy.

Such notices are usually sent for alerting taxpayers about the balance resolving issues. The matter can be resolved if and only if either you or your attorney call for resolving the balance. You know what levy results are on any bank account from which you ever received 1099. California Franchise Tax Board lien is often filled up when not filed.

The higher authority California FTB can collect tax through the bank levy according to the California Revenue and Taxation Code Sections 18670 and 18817. You will be shocked to know that FBR is authoritative to take even 100% of your balance directly from your bank account. Besides this, the California FTB can garnish your income, file tax liens, and wages against your property while collecting tax liabilities. 

Ways of Stopping California State Tax Levy on Bank Account

In view of this, you should take action against the debt and consult a tax attorney for resolving these things. If you don’t take notice, your bank account will be at risk of an FTB levy.  Now you might be thinking about the actions that tend to stop levy from happening firstly. Well! The FTB levy on your bank account will stop only when your case is resolved. It is hard to stop collection action as it will not hamper even after filing an Offer In Compromise form. 

The following are some common ways through which you can resolve your balance and stop California state tax levy on your bank account from the FTB.

  1. File Bankruptcy – Taboos the FTB from starting any collection action. 
  2. Hardships Request – A kind of appeal to temporarily stop or delay the tax debt collection for 6 months or a year.
  3. Offer In Compromise – Settlement with the FTB for paying the amount of tax debt less than they owned. 
  4. Pay In Full – Involves the payment of the full debt at once.
  5. Payment Plan – Includes the debt payment in various installments such as monthly. 

Above all, the best form of stopping or canceling California tax debt is Offer In Compromise. It is actually the forgiveness of a part of the debt to the tax debt owner but everyone cannot qualify for this option. 

How to Resolve California Franchise Tax Board Levied on your Bank Account?

When your bank account is levied, it becomes very difficult to release it. In the majority of levy cases, the seizure of funds, collections, income, and money have been observed. When the Franchise Tax Board issues orders of withholding funds, banks keep them held for 10 days before transferring to the California FTB. 

No worries if you cannot arrange debt amounts and want to stop your funds from seizure, you can do so by demanding an extension. While talking about money extension with FTB agents, try to convince them to release the levy from your bank account. Yes! It’s possible but only in a few cases. 

Here are three main options that you can use for releasing a California State tax Levy.

Show that Money doesn’t Belong To You

When you will be able to show that the money present in your account is not yours, you will be able to release the levy. Do you wonder about How will you release the California state tax levy? Well! Just prove that your siblings or any relative deposited money in your account for saving. In order to avail of this kind of levy release, you should have documented proofs. 

Prove Genuine Financial Hardships

Though releasing the FTB levy from your bank account by financial hardship is quite tough, it is still possible. Due to the difficulty of proving financial hardships, the California Franchise Tax Board rarely releases levy from your bank account. In some cases, the FTB approves your financial hardship and qualifies you only for a year. It doesn’t show that your levy is released but delayed until the betterment of your financial issues. 

Show that Funds are Exempt From The FTB levy

Another possible way of releasing California state tax levy from your bank account is to prove that your funds or income are exempted from the FTB levy. As the veterans’ benefits and social security income are exempted from the FTB levies, you only need to show that your funds and money belonged to these sources. After getting proof, contact the tax attorney and your bank levy will be released. 

In short, it is possible but difficult to release the California State Tax levy on the bank account. Besides these options, there are some other strategies that can be helpful in getting levy release from the FTB. Make sure that you have all the proofs showing you eligible to get levy bank release. 

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